Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Since it is my summer break and I don't have any funny stories to share, I thought I'd share this link.

It is my grant I wrote to get some neat take-home backpacks filled with books and fun activities for my students. If you have a few extra dollars laying around, here's a great place to put them! Or if you know anyone who'd like to contribute you can pass the link along!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

paper backpacks

I'm making paper bag backpacks with my kiddos. It's been . . umm. . . interesting. I love seeing who can follow directions and catch on and who can't! So here we are with 3rd grade making our bags. This step is where the cut slits on the line I drew. On the outside of the bag. And, yes, I showed them how to pinch the bag to do this. Below is Wild One's attempt at cutting slits!

He did get it eventually! This is the back of his bag.
Just in case you couldn't read Wild One's words - here it is. And if you wondered why I called him Wild One. I must say it is a great description of him!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Glasses & Singing

Part of my job is to stand in the hallway in the mornings monitoring students on the way to class. I hear some interesting conversations down there sometimes! This morning, Blinky (you'll understand in a minute) came out from eating breakfast. Blinky is a 2nd year 1st grader. He hugged me and the counselor and then asked her if he could have her glasses! She wears reading glasses - kinda old lady looking ones. She asked why he wants them and this is his response (I love it!) - "Because when I blink 11 times like this (oh yes, he showed us) my eyes get kinda blurry and I can't see right." Oh my! I had to turn away! I'm thinking he shouldn't blink so much at one time and he'd be ok!!

And my sweet story of the day. 5th grade is having their graduation program so I popped in for a minute. I love listening to them sing. They sang "Keep the Dream Alive" and had 3 soloists. One girl was doing an awesome job. Really into it with soul and everything when the song got to her and she started crying. She kept right on singing though. She did great and got a standing ovation.