Thursday, February 19, 2009


I can't believe how disrespectful kids are! Every day at least one child argues with me. Usually about something I saw them do. I don't get it. I would have never even thought about arguing with an adult, especially when I was totally wrong!

Today was my limit with one girl in 2nd grade - I'll call her A (for Arguing Girl!) Here's how our morning went when she walked in about 15 minutes late.

Me: Oh A, you're here. I just marked you absent.


Me: Yes, you were. I'll change it to tardy.


Me: Um, no. You just walked in the door.

A: I was in Mrs. B's room.

Me: Right. So you weren't in MY room which makes you absent from MY class.


Me: I see that you are here now. Get your folder and get to work.

I gave her the clue for the mystery word of the week. They know it is a verb and has 3 letters. The clue was "I am faster than walking." The answer is run. She guesses runing (running). I won't take that since the clue says 3 letters. I just put them up if they don't get it right and move on.


Me: No, it wasn't. Come to the table to get started.


Me: No, A. It is not. Why are you arguing with me?


Me: Yes, you are.

A: No, I'm NOT!

Me: A. Stop yelling. You can stay with me during PE to write sentences.

She started bawling. This wasn't the end of the mess. She carries on and on. I finally told her give me her mom's phone number that she couldn't remember until I was on my way to the office to get it. Then I tell mom about how A argues with adults constantly. I go through our morning with her. Mom says, "I really don't think she was arguing with you." I gave up.

Anyone figure out how to get these kids to stop arguing with adults? Mine students never win an argument. They end up in trouble, but don't care. They must get their way at home by doing this!

Friday, February 13, 2009

20 Questions Answered

I have a teenage helper with my CCD kiddos. She usually comes in after drill team practice. Wednesday she came in dressed to perform at the basketball game. The kids were so impressed.
Miss Ashley, you have makeup on!
Miss Ashley, your hair looks so pretty!
And my favorite -
Miss Ashley, you look like the American flag!
I cracked up! Her school colors are red, white, and blue.
This was also the week Father John came. They were pretty well behaved. We found out he likes chocolate chip cookies, the color blue, he love Jesus, God is his best friend, he prays, he doesn't have a wife, he like dogs, is allergic to cats, he doesn't have a Play Station (Father Michael has a wii though) and he likes songs, but the alphabet song is not his favorite. There was even a question about flowers dying in the Ice Age. He looked at me like where did that come from!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who is Father John?

That was my question for my kindergarten CCD class last night. I got the best answer ever - from a 6 year old!

He's a guy who loved Jesus very, very, very much so he became a priest and works for God.
I loved it. We were getting ready for next week when Father John comes to visit our class. I had them come up with questions to ask him. Here's a few -
Do you love Jesus?
Is your favorite color yellow?
Do you love God more than anything?
What do you do if you forget what you're saying during mass?
Where do you like to eat?
What's you favorite part of being a priest?
Did you always want to be a priest?
It should be interesting next week when he comes!