Friday, February 13, 2009

20 Questions Answered

I have a teenage helper with my CCD kiddos. She usually comes in after drill team practice. Wednesday she came in dressed to perform at the basketball game. The kids were so impressed.
Miss Ashley, you have makeup on!
Miss Ashley, your hair looks so pretty!
And my favorite -
Miss Ashley, you look like the American flag!
I cracked up! Her school colors are red, white, and blue.
This was also the week Father John came. They were pretty well behaved. We found out he likes chocolate chip cookies, the color blue, he love Jesus, God is his best friend, he prays, he doesn't have a wife, he like dogs, is allergic to cats, he doesn't have a Play Station (Father Michael has a wii though) and he likes songs, but the alphabet song is not his favorite. There was even a question about flowers dying in the Ice Age. He looked at me like where did that come from!

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Sarah said...

Ha! Out of the mouth of babes :)