Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Reason to Hate Standarized Testing

I hate this time of year! The teachers are stressed, administrators are stressed, but worst of all, the kids are stressed. We have kids cry, not come to school, and throw up. Every time we administer the very important test, there is a child who throws up. Never fails. Should a 3rd grader really be that worried about a test?? I feel so bad for them, but so much rides on them passing THE TEST. Some kids just can't take all that pressure.

And now for the answer to the clues in my last post! They were describing a dog! The fag should have been fat - I had the child read it to me!

Friday, April 24, 2009

What am I?

I kept an eye on my neighbor's 2nd grade class while she ran to the little girls' room today. They were writing about something. Who can figure out what they were describing?

My _________ is 500 pounds.
My _________ is 60 feet tall.
My _________ is fag (yes she wrote that - I'll tell the real meaning later!).

I'll post the answer later!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did this really just happen?

I had a parent flag me down in the hallway. It was Tardy Boy's mom. She asked me if Tardy Boy was at school. Umm, yes, he is. How do you not know that?? Yes, she was home. I know she works nights, but she was looking for Tardy Boy - 2nd grade, and his siblings in 5th, kindergarten, and pre-k! You would think getting 4 kids off to school would be important and she'd know where they were! Then she asked me what he was wearing and if he looked ok. Oh my.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

I love April Fools Day! The kids (and my husband) are so gullible, I just have a great time! Here's what I pulled this year.

This morning when the hubby got up, I told him the dogs had pooped in the garage and it smelled bad. He was not pleased thinking about cleaning that up!

Before I left for work I rotated the image on the computer so it is now upside down! I love it! Just as I finished this post, I got a text - JERK! Ha, guess he went to check his email!! He said he's getting a cramp in his neck!

On lunch duty, I told 2nd grade they had come in too noisy and would have no talking the rest of the week! They all fell for it! Of course I told them the truth and they spent the rest of lunch trying to trick me.

One 1st grader did get me. With the oldest April Fool in the book - there's something on your back! Of course, I had no trouble believing them - I was in the lunchroom with 1st graders! She was thrilled to trick me!!

Anyone have any good tricks for me next year??