Monday, February 28, 2011

7 Facts

I was tagged in a "7 Facts" award that's going around. I was tagged by The Caffeinated Teacher.  Basically you provide 7 random facts about yourself and then tag 15 other bloggers to play along. It's always fun to learn weird, random things about people :)

1) I'm addicted to Zumba!!  I get mad when I have to miss class!  I became licensed to teach it in December.  I want to take the Zumbatomic training so I can teach kids Zumba! :)

2) I love baseball.  I go to as many games as I can a year.  My goal is to visit every major league baseball stadium.  My favorite team is the Dodgers!

3) I started doing 5Ks last year.  My husband and I both enjoy finding fun 5Ks to try.  We just did one a few Saturdays ago as a couple - Cupid's Couple Run!

4) I am an only child, but do have a foster sister.  She is 6 years older.  My middle name is her name. 

5) We have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 guinea pigs!  Like to keep things even. :)  One dog is blind and diabetic.  She has to have insulin shots twice a day.

6) I love chocolate covered sunflower seeds!  I think it has become my drug of choice, lol!

7) My husband's 24 year old sister moved in with us just before Christmas.  It's been ummm, interesting.  And expensive.

Sorry there's not pictures on everything - I got tired.  And I've been holding this post hostage for a while now, so here it is!

Now to tag some people!  I didn't come up with 15, but feel free to do this and let me know.  I'd love to read yours!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ms. Fashion

I have a cute little kindergartener, Ms. Fashion.  The other day I was walking her to the bus and she was excited to comment on my clothes.

Ms. Fashion: Mrs. Z!  I know why you're wearing those shoes!
Me:  Oh really?  Why?
Ms. Fashion:  Because they're brown!  Like your sweater!
Me:  That's right!
Ms. Fashion:  You match!  This part in your sweater matches your pants too.

Wow, glad I wasn't clashing!  Who knows what she'd tell me!  The next day I picked her up again and it was all about my hair.

Ms. Fashion:  Can I touch your hair?
Me: Umm, ok. . .
Ms. Fashion:  It feels so soft and fluffy!
Me: Thanks!
Ms. Fashion:  It's soft like this.  (She points to the fleece lining on her jacket)
Me: Really?  Wow!

She has also noticed when I've worn a lot of black and said I matched again.  I think we have a future fashion designer or hair stylist!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New School, Part 1 - My Box, I Mean Classroom

I've been meaning write about our new school and just haven't had the energy!  We moved over Christmas break.  No, we weren't given time to do it, paid, or anything.  It was crazy.  My room was not ready the several times I came up to work, so it wasn't ready to go when school started.  I had boxes everywhere.  I moved from a large portable to a tiny office.  Still have to pull my kids in here.  I have one bookshelf that holds my curriculum and I stole a small shelf to put books on for my kiddos.  No other storage!  My husband had to clean out the garage to make room for everything I brought home!  There are some bigger empty rooms that I would love to have, but they're being saved in case we need them.  I also didn't get a document camera, projector, or notepad like the other teachers did.  We couldn't bring overheads with us so I have no way to project anything.  I had to trade tables with another teacher just to get enough table space for my classes.  My principal though I could fit 9 kids around a table made for 3 or 4 students.  I had to steal another table to hold my computers.  When my students are in my room, it is almost impossible to move around the room.  Good thing I'm small!  I'll add some pictures, you'll understand!

My path to my teaching table!  This is the only way back here.
Standing in the corner - I walk through here to get to my teaching table.
Standing at the door to come in my room.

All my curriculum is on that beige shelf.  Not much room to get there!  Sorry this is so blurry!

A kindergartener walking in my room.  He just squeezes through!  I did ask to get rid of the teacher desk, but am now using it for storage space.
When kids are on the computer you can't get through!

I can't open the filing cabinet all the way!