Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ms. Fashion

I have a cute little kindergartener, Ms. Fashion.  The other day I was walking her to the bus and she was excited to comment on my clothes.

Ms. Fashion: Mrs. Z!  I know why you're wearing those shoes!
Me:  Oh really?  Why?
Ms. Fashion:  Because they're brown!  Like your sweater!
Me:  That's right!
Ms. Fashion:  You match!  This part in your sweater matches your pants too.

Wow, glad I wasn't clashing!  Who knows what she'd tell me!  The next day I picked her up again and it was all about my hair.

Ms. Fashion:  Can I touch your hair?
Me: Umm, ok. . .
Ms. Fashion:  It feels so soft and fluffy!
Me: Thanks!
Ms. Fashion:  It's soft like this.  (She points to the fleece lining on her jacket)
Me: Really?  Wow!

She has also noticed when I've worn a lot of black and said I matched again.  I think we have a future fashion designer or hair stylist!


~*~Ash~*~ said...

Don't you love the little guys? They are the best!

Well, except for when you aren't having a good hair day.... 'cause they will tell you about that too!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Haha... that's funny! I had a class two years ago who without fail would compliment my outfit every day. They did the same with other teachers in the building. The music teacher said she always made sure to be wearing something nice on the day we had music haha.

Thanks for telling me about paper back swap! I should definitely join that!