Friday, January 22, 2010


Another teacher sent a student down to me with a box (1st grade). We'll call him Droopy Pants. His friend, one of my students - Sneaky Boy, decided to come along. Apparently this box was closed when it left the other teacher. When Droopy and Sneaky found me, they excitedly told me about what was in the box. Later in the day I talked to the teacher who sent the box. Apparently Sneaky wasn't even supposed to be with Droopy and the box. And the box was closed. I asked the boys how it got open then. Sneaky's response? "Our indivisible friend opened it!" Oh really? And what's your friend's name? "Oh, he said we can't tell. It's a secret!"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why Teachers Work

I was working with my first graders the other day and we were reading about teachers and police. One of the "thought provoking" questions before we read was, "Why do people work as teachers and police?" J raised his hand excitedly to answer, "People need to do those jobs to get money and pay the bills so the lights don't get cut off." Well, that's true - not what I was going for - but very true. Later in our discussion I asked them why we had police. J's answer? "To pull you over if you go over the limit." Hmm, limit? Drinking limit? Speed limit? Hoping he meant speed limit since he had obviously seen this happen, I asked (not smart, when I think back on it!) what he meant. He said, "you know, that limit sign!" Phew! Speed limit!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I had more excitement on the way to school Tuesday than I planned. I turned into the parking lot and heard a loud crash and it felt like my car hit a brick wall. No, I didn't hit anyone or anything! My wheel fell off my car. Yes, you read that right. Just fell off.
Apparently, when my transmission was repaired they failed to tighten a nut so it worked off. Lovely. At least it happened here and not on the highway. Of course plenty of kids saw me sitting there in my car as I tried to figure out what had happened! Here's my conversation with one of my 3rd grade darlings
Darling: Mrs. Z! I saw your wheel fell off your car this morning!
Me: Yes it did Darling.
Darling: I know cause we saw you when we got to school.
Me: Well, why didn't you stop to help me?!
Darling: I don't know how to fix THAT!
Lol, she was too cute! Her mom did check on me after school. She had gone home to get her dad to come up to look at it for me, but he'd left for work. Glad someone was worried!