Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm back!

So I'm finally back at school. Teachers and staff came today and Monday students will come. We'll see how many make it back and how many new ones we get that are displaced. I found out that 3 teachers lost windows in their classrooms. Guess who was one of the lucky ones? Came in to find papers blown around, some warped books, and water damaged notebooks. Oh - and sand in pocket charts and other random places! It could have been much worse, so I'm very thankful! I should be cleaning though! I took a couple of pictures - my desk cracked me up! I had been so proud of how neat it was!

One of my favorite books are curled up now! I have several books that look like this!
Now let's just hope we have a normal rest of the year. The kids have missed 14 days already! We should be getting ready for 6 week report cards, but have only had 10 days of school!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricanes - Ugh!

Hey everyone! I've been gone for about a week now. I went with my mom to visit my grandma in Nebraska since she isn't doing well. The day after I left, my city was evacuated for hurricane Ike. We're still not allowed to go home. So I'm staying at my mom's with my husband, my 2 cats, my 2 dogs, my friend, her cat, and my mom's 2 dogs! I don't have much time to myself!! I've heard our house is fine, just lots of debris to clean up. My husband is actually driving there now to empty out the fridge and come back. They said we should have power by October 6th I think it was. We have sewer back. Our water has to be boiled and it also has a large salt content in it because of the storm surge. School is cancelled indefinitely. I haven't heard how my campus is yet, but there are disaster recovery teams checking them out now. We've already missed 2 days for Gustav. As of Friday, we'll have missed 9 days of school and only gone 10 days! What a crazy start to the year!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm 7!

The other morning I was in the cafeteria as the kids came in for breakfast. One little girl came in all excited and said, "Mrs. Z! I'm 7 today!!"
"Oh, is it your birthday?!" I asked.
"No." I got a look like what are you thinking?! And she was gone.