Thursday, May 29, 2008

Awards Day

Oh the excitement! Yesterday was kindergarten's day (where I had to be one of the k teachers - ack!) and today was 1st and 2nd grade's day. Chatterbox was all over the place - couldn't stay in his seat at all! His teacher and I both were constantly telling him to sit down, quit jumping, stop talking. It was almost time for the big song. All eyes are on the music teacher. Well, not Chatterbox's eyes. Just as they're about to stand he turns to his teacher and says, "Mrs. B, I have rabies." Then he turned around and started singing and dancing. His teacher turns to me and says, "that's what wrong!" I'm so glad everyone was singing because I was laughing so hard!!

Back to yesterday - I was in kindergarten all day (why hire a sub when you have a reading interventionist - I must have nothing to do). Anyway, two girls got in an argument and the kids told me one called the other a fat b!tch. So I called her out in the hall to talk. She is crying and saying she didn't say that b word. So I asked her what she did say. "I called her a fat chick!" And you know, with her little accent, I can hear how the kids thought she said that b word! Now, my other little girl did call someone a f*cking hoe bag. Nice.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Awww, shucks

Look at this cute award John Deer Mom gave me!! I'm excited - my first award!! Ok, ok, she actually gave it to me last week. But since I'm new to this, I needed more time to learn how to make links and all that good stuff. So let's see if I figure it out!

So, here are 10 blogs I love, in no particular order (or how about alphabetical - I am a teacher).

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Jello Shots

Here's a great lesson I recently learned from a 7 year old. What exactly is a jello shot? It's jello mixed with medicine that makes you sleepy. And yes, this first grader had jello shots.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My classroom & the bitch

So yesterday I was testing 3rd graders that I don't normally see (that means they aren't struggling in reading). I enjoy listening to them and seeing how they're doing. One boy, let's just call him Brainy, came in yesterday. He's interesting - very smart, usually quiet, and has a monotone speaking voice. Brainy walks in, looks around, and says, "Nice room you've got here." I did really good and didn't crack up. He sounded so adult!

During my 2nd grade group (back to my strugglers), we came across one of those words that is just bad if you happen to pick the wrong vowel sound. Chatterbox was reading along (doing a great job) and then came this sentence. He read, "He pushed the float back near the bitch." Instantly his hand went over his mouth and everyone looked at me. Chatterbox's eyes were huge. I just told him to look at the vowels and try it again. Thankfully he read, "He pushed the float back near the beach." Whew! Poor person on the float being pushed toward a bitch instead of the beach! He-he.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today my laughs came from 2nd grade. One of my boys, we'll call him Chatterbox, was very excited when I picked him up for class. He was almost skipping down the hall. Then he suddenly stopped and turned to me while holding up the legs of his pants. "Mrs. Z, you like my socks?!"

I'm expecting some design of Superman or some other character. Or maybe just a cool design. Or something. Nope, they look like plain ole black socks to me. Now I'm confused. Am I missing something special on these socks? Finally I ask. "Chatterbox, are they black socks?"


"Ok, yes, they're nice." I'm thinking why in the world are you so enthused about black socks. I didn't have to wait long.

"They're my mom's socks! She has lots of black socks. So does everyone at my house. Not me. So I'm wearing her socks!"

Alrighty then. He may regret telling everyone he's wearing his mom's socks, but as long as he's happy!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Pictures

This post isn't about school, but I wanted to share. I took these last weekend playing around with my new camera. I thought they came out nice!

Monday, May 5, 2008


First, I want to say Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the teachers out there!!!

My one kindergartener is still checking on my sunburn! He asked me again Friday if I was white yet and checked my arm. Nope, still kinda pink. Mrs. Z, are you ever going to be white again? Too funny. I want to see how long this lasts.

My other cute story is about one of my 1st graders. I test them every two weeks to see how they're progressing. He sat down, looked at the test, and said, "Mrs. Z, I'm smart now. I don't know how it happened, but I am." So cute. And yes, he had improved!