Thursday, May 29, 2008

Awards Day

Oh the excitement! Yesterday was kindergarten's day (where I had to be one of the k teachers - ack!) and today was 1st and 2nd grade's day. Chatterbox was all over the place - couldn't stay in his seat at all! His teacher and I both were constantly telling him to sit down, quit jumping, stop talking. It was almost time for the big song. All eyes are on the music teacher. Well, not Chatterbox's eyes. Just as they're about to stand he turns to his teacher and says, "Mrs. B, I have rabies." Then he turned around and started singing and dancing. His teacher turns to me and says, "that's what wrong!" I'm so glad everyone was singing because I was laughing so hard!!

Back to yesterday - I was in kindergarten all day (why hire a sub when you have a reading interventionist - I must have nothing to do). Anyway, two girls got in an argument and the kids told me one called the other a fat b!tch. So I called her out in the hall to talk. She is crying and saying she didn't say that b word. So I asked her what she did say. "I called her a fat chick!" And you know, with her little accent, I can hear how the kids thought she said that b word! Now, my other little girl did call someone a f*cking hoe bag. Nice.


BuffaloNickel said...

Both of those stories are hilarious...especially the one about chatterbox!

Angie said...

Oh my Lord! Such language! Crack me up. And to think..I make my kids change their card if they say shut up!

Christy said...

I have to fill in for classes too! I'm always nice about it, but man, I DO have a job of my own. I feel your pain!