Thursday, May 15, 2008

My classroom & the bitch

So yesterday I was testing 3rd graders that I don't normally see (that means they aren't struggling in reading). I enjoy listening to them and seeing how they're doing. One boy, let's just call him Brainy, came in yesterday. He's interesting - very smart, usually quiet, and has a monotone speaking voice. Brainy walks in, looks around, and says, "Nice room you've got here." I did really good and didn't crack up. He sounded so adult!

During my 2nd grade group (back to my strugglers), we came across one of those words that is just bad if you happen to pick the wrong vowel sound. Chatterbox was reading along (doing a great job) and then came this sentence. He read, "He pushed the float back near the bitch." Instantly his hand went over his mouth and everyone looked at me. Chatterbox's eyes were huge. I just told him to look at the vowels and try it again. Thankfully he read, "He pushed the float back near the beach." Whew! Poor person on the float being pushed toward a bitch instead of the beach! He-he.

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Angie said...

Hilarious! I bet he was so embarrassed!