Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Testing Robots

Last week I was testing all the kiddos I see. This gets pretty boring at times, but one of my kindergartners (we'll call him Robot - you'll see why) entertained me this time! The first part of the test is the student pointing to pictures that make the sound I ask for and then telling me the sound a picture starts with. So his testing went something like this:

Me: Robot, what picture starts with /s/?
Robot: Points to a snake. (I'm thinking, oh good! He's getting it!)
Me: What picture begins with /n/?
Robot: Gives me his million dollar smile and shrugs. Same thing for the next one.
Me: Ok, what sound does fruits begin with?
Robot: Acts out eating fruit.
I'm trying not to laugh and go through the pointing part again, with more smiling and shrugging from Robot.
Me: What sound does card begin with (he has a picture of the card in front of him)?
Robot: Vroom-vroom!
Ok, this is getting harder not to laugh! And he continues the car sounds through the next pointing part.
Me: What sound does robot begin with?
Robot: (Picture this - he makes stiff robot arms) Robot, robot (while moving like a robot and talking in this strange robot voice) Robot, robot!
Oh my, I'm dying!! I can't laugh out loud at this poor baby!
Me: One second Robot.
I walk outside my room where I can giggle for a sec!
Ok, back to the test. Well, the interesting part that is. I say a word and they have to tell me the sounds in the word, or stretch it apart. So man would be m - a - n.
Me: Tell me the sounds in sold.
Robot: Sold
We obviously need some work here.
Me: Tell me the sounds in done.
Robot: (In the robot voice again) I - AM - DONE.
I love it! Best test ever!


Dree said...

Too funny! Clearly, he's not a fan of standardized tests - he wants to break out of the box and shake things up a little :)

Was that the DIBELS test?

Angie said...

I especially like the car and vroom vroom! That was my favorite :) Well an early TGIF to you!

Sarah said...

Sorry Dree, I just noticed your question! It is essentially Dibels, just renamed for our program. Made by the same people.