Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I See a Pattern

Today I was standing in the hall as we were getting kids back from a break from The Test. One student in 3rd grade started talking to me.

T: Mrs. Z - is it always like this?
Me (totally confused): What?
T: You know, mean, nice.
Me (still confused): What are you talking about?
T: Well last year I had a mean teacher, this year I have a nice one, so next year. . .
Me (trying not to laugh): Who's room were you in last year?
T: Mrs. D and this year I have Ms. L.
Me: Oh, well you know Mrs. D's sister-in-law teaches 4th grade. Maybe you should have her!
T: Nooooooooo!

I loved how he was so worried about this pattern!


Onyx said...

I too am teacher and my jr hi kids are no better than your darlings. I see the same patterns. I've had some kids say they would do better if they were paid! Or if they were paid they would come to school on time. The truth is they wouldn't do any better. Until education becomes valued, we'll just see the same status quo

sexy said...
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