Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! I'm in week 2 of school. Last week went pretty smoothly - I'm ready to start pulling my kids again! I've already had a few come ask when they get to come to me again. We start testing everyone this week which is no fun!

Here's a little info on my job if you need it. I am a reading interventionist and pull struggling readers K-3rd for extra help. Yes, one of the dreaded "special" teachers - not sure why they call us special; we seem to not be valued much. I tend to get irritated when my classes are cancelled to cover for someone else. I am one that actually does my job and stays late to finish everything! It takes time to plan for 45 different students, keep up with all their documentation, and test them every other week, not to mention actually getting materials all ready for them! Plus lunch duty, before and after school duty. I really do enjoy my job.

I don't have any cute stories yet, so I'll leave you with one from one of my friends. Her son started kindergarten this year. When he came home from school, my friend asked him how his day was. His response? "Good, but my teacher talks too much!" Love it!


j4luck said...

I have no idea why a reading teacher would not be valued, after all, reading is a foundation for almost everything! I guess its the same reason why some people don't think that teaching is important work- I mean what really is important about educating children so that they can have fulfilling lives and succeed in society?- geesh! Some people just place value in the wrong places I suppose :)

Sarah said...

Yeah, just because you're not a classroom teacher with twenty-some students doesn't mean that you don't have important responsibilities with your kiddos! I used to hate it when they didn't bother getting a sub for me when I was sick...