Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wild Week!

This week has definitely been exciting - not in a good way though! Monday we were out for Labor Day, but since then - phew! Glad I'm not an administrator!

One of our kindergarten teachers fell Tuesday and broke her knee cap. The ambulance had to come take her. She had surgery and will be out for a while.

Yesterday the 5th graders found ants and roaches in their gumbo! So gross! Lunch was tossed and they had to find something else to feed everyone so it was way behind. The health inspector came out for a visit. They couldn't figure out where the extra protein came from because the kitchen was clean and no other bugs were found. They think that maybe it was in the rue. All of our testing results for 2nd grade were lost when we synced the palms. Ugh!

Then today the police were called on one of my students from last year. Apparently he wanted to run away from school and kept attempting it!

Sure hope tomorrow is a dull Friday!