Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My 1st graders were working on the letter l. We discovered the sound l makes and what it looks like. We sang a song about l with a lazy lizard. We all knew the sound and the letter - it was going great! Or so I thought. To close our lesson, we had a new sound card (with the letter and a picture to represent the sound). I read a clue about the picture and the kids guess what it is. I reminded them of the sound l makes and that our picture will start with that sound. Then I read this clue -
I am a scaly animal who might live in a desert or a rain forest. I am often green or brown, but I come in lots of colors. I look a little like a snake with legs. What am I?
One boy is so excited to answer, waving his hand around. I call on him. Yes? What do you think it is - remember, it starts with /l/. His answer? A cowboy. Really? A cowboy??? Does it look like a snake with legs to you??? I can't even say, "Good guess!" because - he's not even close!!! I just walked him through the clue asking if each part could be a cowboy and if cowboy started with /l/. Oh dear. Back to the drawing board!


Sarah said...

Bless his heart-- I'd give him an A for participation :)

John Deere Mom said...

It makes you wonder what part of that made him go with cowboy. Was it the desert? Legs? Too funny!!