Friday, April 18, 2008


Monday I went in with a lovely sunburn - nice and red. Its one of those nice farmer tans (I know, I'm looking sooo hot with it)! Anyway, I picked up my 2nd graders and one them was looking at me and asked, "Mrs. Z, what is wrong with your arm?" I had to explain what a sunburn was. I was laughing and thought that would be it. No. In every group I picked up today someone asked about it. I liked my kindergartener's question, "What's that red stuff on you?" Like I painted it on me or something! One kid poked it and then asked, "Does it hurt?" Yes, yes it does. Would've been nice if you'd have asked that before you poked me. Thanks. Another asked me if I would turn white again. Apparently he's very concerned about this because he's asked me everyday if I'm white yet and then tells me he's ready for me to be white!

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Angie said...

Gotta love kids! :) Must be nice to have weather worthy of a sunburn. We are cloudy and 50 today. :(