Monday, January 26, 2009

Ahh, a work day!

Let me start by saying I don't like the name of my day. Work Day. Like I don't work everyday?? (For those of you who aren't in education, a work day is a day the kiddos don't come and teachers finally have a little time to catch up on everything that piles up for months!)

Anyway, here's all I wanted to accomplish today -

  • Get ready for Tuesday's classes

  • Get all objectives for the week typed and filed for easy access

  • Complete 3 RTI packets

  • Clean off my junk table

  • Gather materials to give a mini training for 6 different grade levels of reading teachers

  • Clean off computer table

  • Type up inventory sheets for 2 take home literacy bags
  • Catch up on my MRT paperwork

So what did I accomplish? The ones in green are ones I did off my list and red are things I did, but weren't off my list.

  • Drink coffee and check email.
  • Check evites from party I'm planning.
  • Email people about party.
  • Start RTI paperwork!
  • Get distracted and take things to be copied for the week to workroom.
  • Stop by friend's room on the way back.
  • Post some books she gave me on paperback swap.
  • Back to RTI paperwork.
  • Hmm, I have new email!
  • Oh, someone requested one of these books! Wrap it up to mail after school!
  • Oh yes. RTI paperwork!!
  • LUNCH!!!!
  • Finish one packet! Whoo-hoo!
  • Reward myself with checking a few blogs.
  • Must get stuff done! Get objectives typed!
  • Good job - look at a few more blogs.
  • Pull material for tomorrow.
  • Start cleaning off junk table.
  • Interrupted by assistant principal and principal - they want to see me. This can't be good.
  • Get informed that one day a week I have to cancel one of my classes and part of another to tutor 5th graders in reading. Never mind that pesky grant that pays my salary and states I'm only to work with k-3rd.
  • Found out it starts TOMORROW!
  • Spend the next hour trying to find materials to use with 5th grade.
  • Figure out a way for my class to still be taught (I'm borrowing a student teacher - won't she be thrilled?) and inform teachers of this change.
  • Finish cleaning junk table since I'll have 5th graders at this table now while my 2nd graders use old table.
  • Change clothes to go to gym.
  • Try to prepare for for 5th graders.
Oh - I thought I'd add that I was given 1.5 hours for lunch, but only took 20 minutes to make up for my ADD moments! So, not the best "work day" for me!! I did get things done. Just not all I wanted!


Angela said...

HAH! That was hilarious. As much as I value teacher "work days", it's so hard to manage the time!

Sorry to hear about your having to take on an extra group. Ugh. Hopefully it will only last until standardized testing time, then you'll be off the hook. After all, no need to teach reading AFTER the test, right? :-)

Brenda said...

We don't generally get teacher work days. However, since the weather has been so bad this past week, school as been cancelled several of the days. Wednesday our wonderful board of education decided that although the roads are ice covered and people are encouraged to stay off the roads unless it is an emergency, teachers would have to come in and work.

Needless to say my day sounded much like yours! That is between the time I slid to work and when our principal said, "Forget what the BOE says...Freezing rain is starting again, let's go home."

I did manage to get my second semester schedule completed and pull a few books to use with my lowest second graders.