Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Lunch Duty from _____

We all know how much I love standardized testing. So when I had lunch duty with 5th grade (blah!) during the big deal science test last week, I was just so excited. I'm sure you can just picture me skipping off to do mt lunch duty! Ha! So the kids were ready to relax and I was more than happy to let them. But they had to come in acting crazy.

First one girl bought another girl's pizza for $1. So what did the other girl have left for lunch? Pudding. Yes, pudding for lunch and taking the big deal science test!! Then the same girl who now had 2 pizzas tried to buy half of another girl's pizza for 50 cents. This is where I caught them. Gave them a lecture about sharing food and germs. And threw in how they needed their food to help their brain work for the big deal science test. Turned around and there they are, trying to sell the pizza again! I'm trying to remain calm - they are testing - so I tell them no selling food at lunch. Turn around again and there goes a pudding cup sliding down the table - to 2 pizza girl! Like she needs more food! Another lady on lunch duty grabbed it and threw it away.

So I'm thinking the rest of my lunch duty would be calm, right? WRONG! A group of boys raise their hand. I walk over and tell them I didn't want to hear any tattles. They insist, so I ask what the problem is. Oh, just another boy has a razor. WHAT?? I pull him aside and he denies it. I ask why 4 other kids are saying it then. Told him to empty his pockets. And what do I find? Not a razor. A pocketknife! About 4 inches long. Ugh. He says he just brought it to peel his orange. What in the world was he thinking?? Not to mention another boy in 5th grade was recently suspended for having a pocketknife, so they KNEW better. Of course I take him to the office. And here I was trying to not upset them during the big test! I went back and told the other boys they did the right thing by telling me.

While I was dealing with the pocketknife boy, two other boys decided to be totally disrespectful and make fun of the other lady on duty. They mocked her and wouldn't line up or close their mouths.

So on this lunch duty, where we wanted to have a calm, relaxing lunch for the kids testing, we end up with 3 referrals. What a lunch. I was so happy to have my 2nd graders back! We've only had one referral all year with them!


Sarah said...

It's that time of year when the kids forget how to behave in school! I wonder if it has anything to do with the upcoming full moon tomorrow? :)

John Deere Mom said...

LOL. Nothing says nutrition like pudding for lunch!

John Deere Mom said...

You MUST get back with me about chocolate wine! Stupid school filters! :)

goodeda1122 said...