Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh I love teaching about Thanksgiving - being thankful, pilgrims, Native Americans, and food! Some of my kids give interesting answers when we discuss what we learned. Did you know that the Pigwams came over on the Flower? Love it. Oh and the things we're thankful for! Here are a few from my older kids - helping anyone in help (need, maybe?), my frinds (exact spelling), my family for coming to my house, having the best parents, and my mom because she brought me to life (aww!). My younger ones had lots of ideas too - food, toys, no not my brother, trees, school, my dog, my bunny rabbit that we had to give away to someone that doesn't have any pets, not my baby sister, my hampster, grandma, my friends, my teacher, my fish, learning, my dog and my sister (in that order) and my favorite - Jesus. Happy Thanksgiving!


Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I might never think of Pilgrims the same... I might always hear "Pigwams"!

Literacy Teacher said...
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Literacy Teacher said...

Great Post! I had two first graders today tell me they were thankful for their life. I thought that was just awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving!!