Monday, December 15, 2008

Are you serious?!

Since my job is funded by a grant, I have extra people coming in and out to see what I'm up to. No big deal, I'm doing my job. Except the person coming from outside my school is getting on my last nerve. She makes a big production coming in, "You door is sooo loud! I need to bring some WD-40!" Then she sits down. For about 30 seconds. Then she wants on my computer. So that means I have to shut down anything I was working on and hadn't saved. Then she may want to print. So I have to stop to do that. Have I mentioned each group is only at my table for 15-30 minutes? Then they switch with the kids on the computers, so she's wasting a good bit of their time. If she'd come in quietly, it'd be nice! And my last peeve about her coming? So far she's visited me on Halloween, Election Day, the day we got out for Thanksgiving, and today (the day before the Christmas program and last week before Thanksgiving.) The only legal observation day of any of those - Election Day. I guess I'll see her on Valentine's Day next! Hope she's enjoyed how I've tied the holiday into our lesson!


Jodi said...

Don't forget MLK, Jr. Day in January!

Angie said...

She sounds like a Zarate -is she? lol

Sarah said...

Thankfully, no school on MLK Day here!