Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bah Humbug to you too!

Here's a little background for my rant. My campus and another campus are going to become one school. They are building a new school for us. Currently school B is in our backyard in portables. We operate as 2 campuses for now, but do some things together trying to get us all to mingle and get to know each other.

So school B was having its Christmas program yesterday morning. They asked my friend and I to play with some of their staff in a small concert. (We play clarinet.) So we agreed and practiced a few times after school. Their program started at 9:30 - my prep time. We played at our time and went back to class. School B's teachers were nice and appreciated us playing with them.

Today my principal comes up to me and said she heard about us playing with school B yesterday. I'm thinking she's going to compliment us for doing that. Boy, I was wrong.

Principal: Who approved that?

What? Who approved it?! Really?

Me: Well, no one I guess. It was my conference time and I didn't miss any classes yesterday.

Principal: That was a really long program. Longer than a conference period.

Me: Yes, but we left right after we played. We only were in there for part of the program.

Principal: Well, I guess if it was your conference time.

No, how nice of you to work together with school B. You gave up your time after school to practice. Good job playing. Nothing. Just rude, sarcastic remarks. For the record, my friend also got in trouble. She was asked why we didn't play for our program - no one asked us to. Principal also told her not to let this happen again. It never occurred to us we'd actually be reprimanded for playing music in school B's program.

Didn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Put you in the Christmas spirit? No? Me either.


BuffaloNickel said...

What is the matter with people? That is just completely unbelievable to me. Outrageous.

Jodi said...

Come on people!

Angie said...

Did you tell her to shove that clarinet where the sun don't shine?